Featured Kickstarter: TiddlyBot


The Raspberry Pi is by far one of the best tools we have seen  in a while that is designed to teach kids, and in fact grown ups, coding. However, a tool is only as good as you use it. The world out there is full of interesting projects, and in fact Kickstarter has been quite a major part of bringing such projects to our attention.

So when the team behind TiddlyBot wrote to us, we were very happy to feature it. A Pi based robot that has built in cameras as well as movements, straight out of the box! For more information, watch the video below…


So what do you have to pay to get these? The following image shows you in detail:

A rare occasion, but for once I can’t say much more about this as it is a fairly complete product, and the video says it all!

You can find out more, and pledge for this at the following link:


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