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Review: B&O Form 2i




B&O are a well known brand in the sound industry. The Form 2 from them has been around for 30 years, released in 1983! The Form 2i takes the same design, but brings it to the 21st century, and you may say that the ‘i’ might even be their attempt at focusing on the iOS devices. After all, the pack does say that it has been designed for iPod and iPhone. So, what more does it offer from the original B&O Form 2?

Basically, the remote is the main addition, which includes an inline remote, microphone, and volume up and down buttons. This means that the classic Form 2 now offers you the same features most headphones come with these days.

Look and feel

The looks of the original B&O Form 2 has been questioned a lot over the years. The headphones have been called funny or funky looking, as well as been termed ridiculous. Having said that, the look they offer worked in the 80s, and as far as I am concerned, it still works.

Featuring square curves (does that make sense), the headband as well as the ear cushions all feature right angles.

The speakers are on ear, with a good foam cushion, and there is plenty of play in them to let you adjust according to your ears. The headband also allows you to adjust the length.

Available in an array of colours, they may look a bit plasticcy, but once again, that is the look they are going for.

Being plastic, though, does mean that it is extremely light, which means that they are quite light on your head and ears.

Included in the cable is an inline remote, with + and – buttons to let you adjust volume.


Speaking of being light, the idea is to keep these comfortable on your ears, and I have to say, one of the most critical things I care for in a set of headphones is the comfort. My preferred style is over the ears, but they tend to be quite heavy. On ear ones, such as these, come second, but I do prefer them because they tend to be light. However, on ear means that the cushioning needs to be just right.

The cushioning on the Form 2i is very similar to how it has been in that age, and even reminds me in a funny way of the original Walkman headphones, but only as far as the cushioning. Flexible and adaptability means that you can make sure you get the best fit on your head, and that means you can wear these for long periods of time without getting too fussed up.



As simple as it gets really. The inline remote lets you take calls, and use the + and – buttons to adjust volume. Other functionality varies per apps and devices, but the device is focused on iOS devices, and it will definitely work best, but it works with Android too.

On phone calls, the quality is as you expect, and it works pretty well.

Sound quality

And what does it all come down to? Sound. Headphones can offer you everything, but it all depends on the sound you’re getting out of the headphones. Now B&O have made a point of saying that the headphones have been designed for the whole range, and are not specifically targeting a single genre. That means that it should give you a good range of sound over the whole frequency range.

So, how did it fare? Pretty well actually. Where this really shines is the trebles. Audio is sharp, and you get immense clarity. The headphones are not what you’d call bass heavy, and to me that is a good thing. However, if you really want a heavier bass, these are probably not the ones for you.

Myself though, I love them. They give me the clarity and the balance I seek, and the tracks I listen to normally all performed exceedingly well.

More information

More information on these can be found at the following link:


They generally retail around £109, and are available in an array of colours.


The headphones offer a lot, despite being focused in the low-to-mid price range. This means that you get a great value for your money, the functionality, and best of all a pretty decent sound. The comfort adds a nice icing to the cake.

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