The Top 5 Music Gadgets for February


We’ve successfully made it out of January alive, a month which brought us rain, snow and the need to fetch our long forgotten woollen garments from exile. For that, we deserve a pat on the back. Or maybe, just maybe, a shiny new music gadget to sooth our weather beaten souls. Well, I like your thinking, so join me as we wander into the technology wilds to bring back the top 5 music gadgets this February.

1)      Bluetooth Beanie – Around £35

So you’ve put on your thickest coat, slid on those gloves which offer about as much digit dexterity as 15ft of medical bandages and somehow managed to squeeze out of the door. Congratulations! Now, all there’s left to do is fit those tiny headphones into your ears, manoeuvre the cable with your gloved hands and plug it into that tiny 3.5mm jack on your chosen media player. All of which is about as easy as completing Rubik’s Cube. Alternatively, you could invest in the Bluetooth Beanie, a snug winter hat that doubles as a discreet pair of Bluetooth headphones, letting you not only listen to music but answer calls too! It’s a miracle, I’m sure of it.

2)      JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker – Around £180

Sticking with our Bluetooth theme, we find ourselves gazing lovingly at JBL’s Pulse, a diminutive Bluetooth speaker that not only provides excellent sound, but also – and uniquely- has a built in LED light show that accompanies your music as it emanates from the device itself. ‘Witchcraft!’ you cry towards your screen, but no, it’s all true, with Superfi’s JBL Pulse you not only get to hear your music, you get to see it too. Where does this fit in our winter scene? Well, it’s hardly a snowball fight without some ominous music, is it?

3)      GliderGloves Winter – Around £19

Having all your music out with you on a crisp winter morning is something of a minor miracle, but it’s no good if you’re having to pull off those cumbersome gloves in order to change tracks every 10 minutes. That’s why you need GliderGloves Winter pair, a beautiful, warm and touchscreen friendly set of gloves that’ll not only keep your digits nice and toasty, but allow instant access to the screen of whatever device catches your eye.

4)      Korg Gadget – Around £30

If the outright beauty of a snow capped landscape has tickled the artist within you, it can be frustrating when you lack the tools to turn those feelings into sheer musical genius. Enter the Korg Gadget, it’s an iPad app that turns your tablet into the “ultimate all-in-on-studio”, featuring 15 synthesizers and drum machines and the opportunity to share your songs directly to music services like Soundcloud, it’s the perfect way to get down those ideas whilst on the go.

5)      Orbitsound SB60 – Around £300

Of course, going outside is all well and good, but it’s hard to beat getting cosy at home and watching something incredible on your big screen television. Sadly, nearly every ‘set on the market offers abysmal sound, an insult to the lovely picture quality you receive alongside it. All this is to say, we think you deserve better, like the Orbitsound SB60 available at Superfi (see here), a TV bar which sits underneath your television and provides the entire room with immersive, crisp and punchy audio. We reckon it’s the best way to quickly turn your living room into a media mecca, just pair it with a great Blu-ray and listen to it fly.

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