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Review: Gate8 Rolling Tri-Fold Garment Bag



What is it?

Not many pieces of luggage would actually class as a gadget, but we are really glad to have one that qualifies to be one. The Rolling Tri-Fold Garment Bag is exactly what the name says, but all that makes it so useful. The bag qualifies as cabin luggage, and the unique design can hold a couple of suits without creases, on a hanger, and a zip removable laptop bag too. The ideal bag for the businessman!

Look and feel

The bag is made of black garment (ballistic non-tear nylon), which has a great finish and a tough feel. The bottom shows two feet and wheels. The front features a zip removable laptop bag, which comes off to reveal a pocket. This pocket can of course be used as a secret compartment. On the top are handles, and a pocket that holds a retractable trolley system.

On the side, a Velcro flap and zip let you open up the bag. Unclip the side clips, and that lets you fold out the bag completely.

A front pocket lets you see what is in that pocket. Unzip the front layer, and you are revealed to what really makes this bag a winner. A section to hang your whole suit, with a special area on top where you can clip your hanger in. You also see a pocket for your unwashed garments, special pockets to keep undergarments/socks, and special pockets for shoes.

All the zips have high visibility handles.

Oh, they have also thrown in a clear plastic bag so you can put toiletries in it without having to use an extra bag to store them.

All in all, a very neat set of cleverly packed pockets in a very small area.

It does weigh 2.8kg though, which makes it a bit heavier than a typical bag. However, since it comes with a trolley setup, and fits in the cabin, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The laptop bag

Lets take this one by one, shall we.

The laptop bag, as we have already mentioned, can be zipped and attached to the main bag, or it can be taken off and carried on its own. A strap is provided, so you can carry this on its own if required. A top pocket  on both front and back also holds handles. The back pocket also has more room for documents, etc.

The front also features another pocket which has dedicated pockets for your passport, a tablet, and pens etc. This can act as a quick access pocket while travelling, or while in business meetings.

The back also features an other set of zips, which if both open let you slide the trolley handlebars through them. This lets you perch the laptop bag on top of your bag, or any other bag’s trolley setup. Close the bottom zip, and this acts as a handy pocket.

Keeping it attached to the main bag through a zip also means you only have to carry ‘one’ bag into the cabin.

Main Travel Bag

The main travel bag has already been described in the look and feel section. The main area holds two suits fairly well, and you can throw in a couple of extra shirts too. Ideally, this makes it a perfect 1-3 night get away bag, designed for the businessman. The extra pockets and zips are what we really like. It all makes this a really well thought out product.

During main use though, you have to lay this bag down on top of your bed, or on your floor to put the suit in. This could be a problem if your wheels are particularly dirty, but you only have yourself to blame. Besides, they can be wiped clean if required.

Once loaded up with your luggage, you zip up the main pocket/bag.

The bag then folds from the bottom up, and you can click the clips in place to hold that section. Plenty of room there with your shoes in, so that works well.

Next you fold it up again, and using the zips, put it all nicely in place. Once packed up, it is good to go.

Obviously, having hangers in there means you can easily hang your suits/shirts in the hotel room, and similarly put them up again in your wardrobe when you’re back.

Cabin usage

Gate8 promise you that it will fit in all cabins. This includes everyone from the budget airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet to the bigger names like British Airways. The dimensions of the bag are 53 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm. They have included a handy baggage guide on their website if you still have doubts though:


The only issue could be the weight of the bag. Airlines may check how heavy your hand carry is at times (has happened to me), though they only do it if you are already carrying a very heavy bag to check in.

Oh, and yeah, you might want to take non-metal hangers with you, just in case!

Buying option

You can buy this direct from Gate8’s website:


It retails for £149. More information is also available on the website.


We have a thing for clever products, and this definitely satisfies our needs. It almost makes me wonder why this wasn’t done before. Either way, a complete product that makes you want to throw away any other business travel bag you ever had!

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