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Review: Meze 11 Deco In-Ear Headphones

MEze 11 Deco


What is it?

These are stylish in-ear headphones, with a lot of emphasis on the style element. They include an in-line microphone, so they can be used to make and receive phone calls.


Look and feel

The first thing you actually notice when you open the pack is the smell. These are built out of beech wood, and you can actually smell that the moment you open the pack, purely on the smell! Wood is a major element in a lot of speakers, and a lot of speakers feature it, so it is actually not a bad idea to build headphones out of it either. Featuring stylish curves to make these a great fit inside your ears, with a lovely finish. They come with an inline microphone, which includes a button to accept calls, as well as do a last number redial.


In-ear headphones come with the price of them sitting inside your ears, making them uncomfortable for a lot of users. Many interesting solutions have been presented for this problem, including silicon ear buds, new shapes, and all that. This need to make them comfortable explains the stylish curves on these, and they include a set of different sized ear-buds, to adapt for all users.

The fit is designed to isolate outside sound, so you notice that the moment you plug them in. They hug the inside of your ear, and are okay to be worn for a run or a commute. We wouldn’t wear these all day long though, but then again, no in-ear headphones have qualified for that yet.

Sound Quality

Featuring 8mm Neodymium drivers, the sound quality is pretty decent. The isolation works pretty well, and helps to get rid of any background noise which may serve a distraction. The sound itself seems a bit bass heavy, which is common for the headphones that come with isolation. Over all, the vocals and treble are clear, and no real distortion was noticed.

They do come with a gold plated 3.5mm plug, meaning that Meze are not taking any chances with sound quality, and keeping the quality high is one of their high priorities.

Buying information

This can be bought directly from Meze’s website for €65, or from Amazon for £59.95: Meze 11 Deco – wood earphones.


The headphones are not only designed for the sound conscious, but for the style conscious. If you want to look good based on your headphones, these are the ones to go for!

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