Featured IndieGogo: Smartphone Sized PC hits its target!


While we have a lot of great hopes from 2014, a growing trend in the crowdfunded world seems to indicate to us that the PC is getting smaller and smaller, and hopefully very soon we will start to fit it into our pockets. We featured a similar project the other day, and this time we are featuring one that has already hit its target of $100,000 with 14 days to spare! So, what makes this so special? Watch the following video to find out more:

The idea is simple, but it is all down in the implementation. Tango have fitted a high spec PC in a very small size, leaving you to take care of the docks, and all the other details.

Some of their specs are as follows:

Processor AMD A6-5200 Quad Core 2GHz, up to 25 watts, with integrated GCN GPU HD8400
Memory SODIMM DDR3-1600 socket x1 (from 2GB to 8GB). Laptop RAM
Storage SATA III mSATA SSD Socket x1. (from 32GB to 512GB or higher)
Operating System Any laptop PC compatible OS can run on Tango (Windows 7, 8 Pro, Linux flavors, Chrome, etc). Windows 7 and 8 Pro will be certified to run.
PC Size 125mm X 80mm X 13.5mm
DockPort Size 135mm X 135mm X 27mm
DockPort Connectivity 1x HDMI, 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB3.0, RJ45, internal WiFi, AV jack, DC 12V jack
AC Adapter  60W, 110-270V input. Connects to Docking Port.
Warranty 1 Year return to base warranty

So, how much will this cost? About $400 for a Tango with Windows 7 fully installed, while one with a trial version of it comes at a super early bird price of $299! That is a pretty good bargain, considering you get a fully functional high performance PC in that price.

Want to find out more? Click the following widget or link. You can view live demos of the product from  CES, as well as lots of other information.

Definitely one to keep an eye on. It could be a trend setter!

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