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Featured Indiegogo: ICE xPC – packs your computer into your pocket



The dream has been there for a long time, and many have attempted to do it. Even big players like Motorola, Ubuntu and Asus with their PadPhone. Now ICE are trying to do the same, and pack your PC into a phone sized device. The difference is that they are not packing a phone into it too. We’ll let you see the video to get some ideas:

So, the biggest question is, if this does it all, why use an iPhone?

The ICE xPC weighs just 4 oz and is so small that it fits in your shirt pocket.  It can be docked into peripherals that transform it into the intelligent core of a pad, notebook, desktop, or gaming device. The xPC is built for performance and includes a high-performance motherboard, the latest x86 CPU/chipset, 4G RAM, 64-128G SSD, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth, an accelerometer and a camera.

The following options are available, and that is not a bad start:


But once we go past that, the idea is great, and ICE promise to make it a lot cheaper than many of the other solutions presented to us in the past:



So, how can you get one?

Head over to their Indiegogo page, where they are trying to raise a goal of $300,000. While they are some distance from the target, they are a few days in and have 22 days left. Also, the way they are funded means that they will get whatever you put towards it, meaning that you will definitely get what you pay for, and it won’t ‘not happen’.



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