Swann introduce DVR4-1500 Compact DVR with included security camera

DVR4 1500

Sometime back we reviewed the SwannSmart security camera. Swann have today announced a complete security system for your home and business. Including a DVR which can connect up to 4 cameras, and monitor them all. The beauty is that it is easy to setup, and install. One camera comes with the kit, with the option of buying up to three more. The camera provides clear video direct to the DVR, and can see during the night or day!

The beauty of it all is that you can access your system from anywhere in the world using the power of internet, even through your 3G/4G connected smartphone! The SwannView app can be viewed with iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more.

The system is available from Maplins, at a high value price of £199.99.

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