Review: Sennheiser HD 335s Smartphone Headphones



What they are:

These stylish headphones from Sennheiser are specially designed to be used with smartphones, compatible with pretty much everything out there. With an over the ear-design, and a flip-up right ear cup, they promise to give you a deep bass sound. They feature a built in remote control as well an on-the-ear-cup volume dial.

Look and feel

A big thing about headphones for us is how heavy they are. From the main look of these headphones, being quite big and cushioned, you expect them to be quite heavy. However, you are pleasantly surprised as you put them on. Yes, they are not the lightest, but after a couple of hours of usage, neither our ears nor our head felt pained.

Over the build is quite good, and you get a nice and shiny feel from the whole element.

Plenty of cushioning on the headband as well as the ear cups ensure comfort. The headband is also retractable, to fit any size.


Before we go to the sound, we’d like to look at some of the features these offer:

  • Volume dial on the right ear cup: This is by far our favourite feature. So subtle and yet really useful. Once you get used to these, you start doing the same on other headphones you use, and you only get disappointed that you aren’t wearing these ones!
  • Right Ear Cup can be flipped to talk to people around you. It is a handy feature, but we didn’t really find it to be very useful. In fact it was easy to just take them off, or use the volume dial to turn them down. I do wear glasses, so I wonder how much they got in the way of making this a useful feature.
  • Closed around the ear design to drown out ambient noise. These work to a certain degree, but don’t expect any noise cancelling from these. However, we would mention that they do not actually promise any noise cancelling.
  • Built in remote control to take calls, change tracks and more. This also features a pen styled clip to hold on to your pocket or shirt. The button takes a little getting used to, as it isn’t very prominent, but once you know what you’re doing, it is there to be used.


Sound Quality

This is where these headphones really come into their element. There is a deep bass element to these, which means that somehow the sound comes a lot more richer. The experience is a lot truer to real life sound. In fact, Sennheiser promise that these offer a ‘Purer Sound’, and the claim is not far from the truth. The clarity of sound is extremely good, and we have been noticing notes and details to sound that we haven’t really noticed while trying other headphones. Music listening has suddenly become a lot more immersive, and a lot more enjoyable.

We tried Florence and the Machine, as well as Metallica to test these out. The results were impressive on both. Then we tried a bit of Classic FM, and once again the results were very impressive.

If you want a good sound experience, these headphones definitely are highly recommended.

Watching movies

Another aspect where these headphones really shine is watching movies. The detailed sound experience means that every creak, bullet, step, kick, glance or echo are felt as they are supposed to be.

Voice Calls

It gets a bit interesting making voice calls with these. It takes a little getting used to, but like all over the ear headphones, the deep bass makes phone calls sound interesting, in a kind of you are detached from rest of the world kind of a way. However, there is nothing wrong with that, just that these are probably a bit overkill if you are only making voice calls. Listen to music with these, and you will be the happiest, but don’t worry, your calls won’t go missing!

Buying information

These can be found at most retailers, both on the high street and online. You can also get them from Amazon using the following link:
Sennheiser HD335S Universal DJ Style Over Ear Wired Headphones for Smartphones

They retail around the £80 mark.


We like gadgets that impress us, surprise us, and give us more than what we thought we’d get out of them. The Sennheiser HD 335s did exactly that, and for that reason they come as highly recommended from us.



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