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Review – Oral B Triumph 5000 Power Brush Limited Edition

OralB NEW Limited Edition 5000 power brush RRP £199.99


What is it?

There are power brushes, and there are power brushes. This one is definitely the latter. Consider this the Ferrari or Rolls Royce of electric tooth brushes. It comes with 6 modes, a Smart Guide that helps you brush your teeth, and works as a clock when not in use. Other items include different brush heads, a plastic accessory docking case to store them and an inductive charging station.

Look and feel

Like I said, this is the Ferrari of electric tooth brushes. The Limited Edition features a beautiful glossy black finish means that the brush looks great and ready to go. The extra intelligence doesn’t add any extra weight compared to a regular electric tooth brush.

LEDs on the front indicate power, battery level, and whether you are connected to the Smart Guide as well.

The Smart Guide is a small accessory that you can keep next to your mirror or on your sink while you brush your teeth.

Smart Guide

The Smart Guide is a handy little accessory that acts as an indication tool while you brush your teeth. It connects to your brush automatically, and you have to do nothing to pair them. The LED on the brush indicates when it is connected. I have tried it over various distances, and it works pretty well.

The Smart Guide, when not in use, also acts as a clock, so you can leave it in the bathroom when you’re not using it, and it still proves to be useful.

While brushing, the clock turns into a timer, and it encourages you to brush the right amount on the right region of your teeth.

Brushing is done in four steps, and that is indicated by the four arcs around the smiley face. The four steps are front, top, bottom, and back. The timer and associated arc help you choose what part of your teeth you brush.

On the top are indications for the different modes, while the bottom has 5 stars, which indicate how well you brushed (and how long you brushed). You’ll get less stars if you didn’t brush properly!

Another element is that if you press too hard while brushing, it will also turn the smiley face into a sad face, letting you know that you’re not being very good with your teeth.

The Six Modes

It gives you the following cleaning modes:

  • Daily Clean – for your everyday use.
  • Deep Clean – similar to everyday use, but 3 minutes instead of the usual 2 minutes brush. This helps you clean your teeth better than usual.
  • Whitening – To be used with the whitening head, it lets you exert more pressure on your teeth to help whiten them.
  • Sensitive – To be used with the sensitive head, it is extra gentle on your teeth and gums
  • Massage – An interesting mode, which gives you pulsing while you brush your teeth. Nice on the gums.
  • Tongue Clean – To clean your tongue

Supplied heads

It comes with three heads:

  1. Floss Action
  2. 3D White
  3. Sensitive Clean

As described above, these can be used at different times, for different modes.

The Experience

The brush is really impressive. The different modes do exactly what they promise, and while I haven’t had a dentist give me his verdict on my teeth while I have used it, they definitely feel cleaner! The brush is also really comfortable on both my teeth and gums, which means that it is non-intrusive.

The flossing head, I must mention, does not give you the same experience as an actual floss. It is great at getting bits out, but if you want to floss, you are better off flossing properly. However, this is bit of an obvious one.

Buying information

The Oral-B Limited Edition 5000 power brush with SmartGuide is available with both Triumph (Oscillate Rotate) and TriZone heads,
for every type of brusher, RRP £199.99. It is available from October, exclusively at Boots for the Triumph, and Amazon and John Lewis for the TriZone.


Whether you’re someone who likes to show off their gadgets, or just wants to really look after their teeth, this is a must-have gadget for everyone. The price is a bit on the steep side, but you get what you pay for. Definitely the best brush I have tried so far.

Update – December 2015 

It has been over years, and this brush is still going strong, and still doing well. I recommended it back then, and I will still do so!

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