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For the last few weeks I have developed an exciting new fixation for the augmented reality game Ingress, so I thought I’d do a quick write up to spread the good word about it.

appshotsIngress is an app for Android devices, in which you take control of portals for your faction, be that the green “Enlightened” or the blue “Resistance”, and link them to form fields.  What makes this game different is that the portals are locations in the real world, which you need to be within 10m to interact with. This means that defending a portal can not be done by sitting on your PC eating crisps. Another nice feature is is the fact that you need at least 3 different players to make the strongest portal, encouraging you to join forces with other local players.

The game has a strong global feel to it, with each player doing their part to increase the points for their side. A global tally of these scores is permanently

screenshotsupdating at the bottom of your screen.

The ingress report is a YouTube channel that keeps you up yo date on what’s new in the game.

If you have an Android device I highly recommend giving Ingress a go. It is fun, highly addictive and best of all, it will get you walking about your area more.



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