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How Google Glass Impacts Parenting

google-glass-wallpaper-hdA study conducted by UK computer retail chain Currys & PC World found new technology is transforming the lives of new parents, babies and their extended families. The study found that as many as 65 percent of adults say they meet a friend or family member’s baby digitally before seeing them face-to-face. Half of parents post a picture of their baby on social media during the first 24 hours of their child’s life, as WorldTVPC.com reported.

It’s never been easier for everyone to share in life’s best moments. With the advent of Google Glass, it’s going to get even easier to capture all of those major milestones. You can archive everything from baby’s first smile and first steps to learning to ride a bike, high school graduation and everything in-between.

Google Glass won’t be officially released to consumers until early 2014, but some 10,000 consumers have been given the opportunity to try out the early version. The Associated Press spoke to three of those lucky users recently, as CBS reports, including a stay-at-home mum, Deborah Lee. All three said their favourite feature of the device is the hands-free camera, with the ability to capture photos and video via voice commands.

As anyone who has had a child can testify to, having an extra hand can be beneficial at any time. However, when trying to take that picture-perfect photo of baby’s first moments, just imagine how much more you could record for prosperity.

How Google Glass Can Benefit Parents

Lee said she’s been using Google Glass to capture those precious moments with her infant daughter. She was able to photograph her baby’s earliest laughs, as the device allowed her to tickle her daughter while taking the photos, which you couldn’t normally do with a camera or phone in your hand. She also used it so her parents who live on the opposite side of the country could see their grandbaby eat her first solid foods.

But it’s not just young, new parents who can benefit from this futuristic-looking device. Have you ever tried to help a parent with a tech support issue? It can be a nightmare for anyone. Now, in the future when mom or dad asks you how to upload those photos or perform another similar task, Google Glass will allow you to create a video from a first-person point of view, instead of trying to talk them through it.

The Drawbacks

For those who tend to record a lot of video, the short battery life of Google Glass may be an issue. Google reports it should last for a day on just a single battery charge, but some early users have noted running out of power one-and-a-half to two hours after recording a lot of video. A California cyclist told KQED she managed to film about 40 minutes of video over a 6-hour bike ride when the battery gave out.

The use of Google Glass by others when children are present is a general concern many parents may have. Their use in a public restroom, public swimming pool, or even a playground is enough to make any parent’s skin crawl.

Smartphones vs. Google Glass

For parents, the ability to capture hands-free photos makes Google Glass an attractive option over a smartphone. Accessories such as a T-Mobile bluetooth headset have already been great choices for parents who need to talk on the phone while juggling other tasks, and Google Glass adds the camera functionality. For parents who love having a camera and phone in one device, however, they’ll need to wait for the addition of phone features into Google Glass.

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