Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  Among the few things that were being looked forward to at IFA, after the Samsung Galaxy Gear, was definitely the Note 3. With a larger and better screen, and new features, the device has definitely not disappointed. Improvements to screen, better viewing experience, more powerful multitasking, and significant S Pen improvements all add to … Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear – Our Analysis

  Step in the right direction   While they are not the first, and they surely won’t be the last, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has been announced amidst all the excitement this week. There were a lot of rumours and leaks, and I have to say that Samsung have come out as winners at the … Read more

Pre-Order the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

  Of course you want the latest and greatest from Samsung. Who doesn’t! You’re in luck, not only are Samsung letting you get your hands on both the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear from the 25th of September, you can also pre-order them now. For more details, and placing the order, visit the following … Read more

Qualcomm jump into the Smartwatch race with Toq

Technology events such as IFA are never complete without a surprise or two, and today’s biggest one came from Qualcomm, the producer of the Snapdragon processors found in most smartphones as of now. They have just announced a smartwatch of their own, called Toq. This will be the first watch to have a permanently on … Read more

Wacom Intuos – let your creative juices flow!

The new Intuos range from  Wacom comes to us with a promise of more accessibility, and allows everyone from beginners to experts to let their creative juices flow! With a redesign in ergonomic and technical features, including a slimmer design and multi-touch functionality, there is something for everyone. “Creativity is for everyone. But some people … Read more

Braven Portable Speakers let you play music and charge your iPad!

  Braven, a name well known in the wireless speaker market, have just introduced their latest offering to the market. The Braven 850 and 855 are their most powerful and best sounding Bluetooth Speakers yet. Rugged, with an 8800mAh power bank, that offers 20 hours of audio, plus ability to charge any smartphone or tablet … Read more

LG L1 II available on Three

  Three have announced that the LG Optimus L1 II will be available on their network, both online as well as in store. The latest affordable smartphone from LG packs in many features such as QuickMemo to capture notes and ideas, Safety Care which can be programmed to make emergency calls, and other features. Sylvia … Read more