Cooler Master introduce REN



In their own words:

The REN’s design is inspired by the Chinese character Rén “人” which stands for “person”. 

One look at it, and you can see exactly what they mean. It is a multifunctional stand for both iPads and iPad Minis. An easy lock and slide mechanism ensures that the size difference is not a problem. A rubber inlay makes sure that your device is well protected and scratch proof.

This multifunctional stand can not only serve as a stand, but it can also be clipped to different surfaces, as well as hung from a hook.


This means that it provides various viewing angles, whether you are cooking, reading, making a conference call/using Facetime, or just watching a movie.

The brushed aluminium finish is a trademark of Cooler Master, and so far what we have tried and tested has impressed us a lot.

This will be available from this month, and has a recommended retail price of £49.99.

Check out the link to find out more:


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