Review: Boostspeed 6 by Auslogics

I’ve been trying out Boostspeed 6 which bills itself as “Your one-stop PC maintenance and optimization tool” to see if it is worth paying money for, something that technically you could do yourself for free. The short answer is almost.

Software experience

Using this software is a real treat, the installation is is simple and quick, and once you’re up and running everything is clearly laid out and easy to screenshot1understand. The main screen boots to show you the three main sections: Disk Space, Computer Speed, and System stability. Your initial scan checks these and a meter tells you the number of faults. With one click they’re fixed and if you’re not interested that is it all done.

However, if like me, you want to see what’s happening, one click shows you all the faults. Once this is done, it suggests in a friendly (not pushy) way other things you might like to check; like a check for duplicate files or a clean up of your startup menu, along with a raft of other features.

I must praise how well this software is written. Everything flows beautifully and it is full of lovely little touches, for example when you have a list of programs in the startup menu cleaner, and you don’t know what one is, put a tick in the box next to it and hit the Google it button (of course I could’ve Googled it myself but this is easier).


screenshot2Now it comes down to the crunch. While the software is lovely, does the speed of my pc actually improve? Well in the case of my desktop, which I try to keep in pretty good nick ,the answer is probably not. It did free up a lot of disk space, which is nice and it will probably now replace the 2-3 free programs I was using to keep my PC running well.

I wanted to give the software a real challenge, so I installed it on my wife’s netbook, which she complained was running slowly (this I can confirm just from installing the software) and as if by magic she now has a usable netbook again.  So if you have a relative or friend that you regularly have to do tech support for, or you want to streamline your PC maintenance, Boostspeed 6  is definitely worth the money.

The full program version can be purchased for £32.99*, with one license extending to 3 PCs at

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One thought on “Review: Boostspeed 6 by Auslogics

  1. It doesn’t clean up everything after a scan/fix. Doing an immediate scan afterwards reveals hundreds into several thousand errors.

    Many self promoting and annoying pop-up ads for “The Newer Version!”. IF YOU BUY A YEAR MEMBERSHIP DO NOT UPGRADE!!! You will lose the version you’re using and can’t get it back!

    It just fails at thoroughly cleaning and fixing errors.

    I bought a year subscription for Boostspeed and have yet to run a scan, fix errors, run a scan immediately after and have zero errors. It has simply never happened. An immediate follow up scan reveals not just a few errors but hundreds and most of the time, for me, 1,500+ and as much as 3,000+ errors. This software is a total fail on every level. Download and/or purchase at your own risk.

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