Vodafone Smart III – First thoughts

I have always had an Android phone, but being the gadget freak that I am, it has tended to be at the top end of what’s available. So I was interested to see how this low cost model from Vodafone would perform.  As soon as I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised that the phone felt solid and well made. It reminded me of the early HTC models which I liked.  My other concern was that the phone would be sluggish, running Android 4.1 Jelly bean, but again this was put to rest the instant I started playing with it. The phone is responsive and it is lovely to see all the jelly bean improvements (widgets, improved notification,app grouping) on a mid range phone.

IMG_20130710_180355In the box is the standard earphones, charge cable, and plug with a USB adapter. The phone boots quickly and after signing in with my goggle username I was ready to go. The UI is smooth and the screen is very responsive to the  touch and I was quickly able to get the apps set up just the way I like.  Being able to use widgets makes the home screen much more useful.

From my initial test, the call quality is good the signal strength is great, it seems to have full signal in areas that are normally patchy. The camera is just a flick of the lock screen away and is very responsive. Test pictures are below. I look forward to putting this phone through its paces over the next few days with a full review to follow.


IMG_20130711_144017 IMG_20130711_084012 IMG_20130711_084159

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