Twitter 10.2 lands on Blackberry 10

Blackberry Twitter 10.2


While testing the Blackberry Z10 as well as Q10, one thing we complained (or observed, whichever way you look at it), was the fact that the Twitter app for the format was way behind on features as compared to the Android or iOS. Add to that the fact that not many other apps exist on BB10, it did get in the way of tweeting experience. One solution I found was to setup the Twitter account as one user, while use the other user on the browser. It works, but is fiddly.

So today, the announcement that Twitter 10.2 is available for BB10, which brings multiple account logins to the app, made me a happy bunny.

Other features include:

  • Direct Messages access – view, reply, send
  • Improved refresh maintains your current position in timeline
  • A new Discover page (the Android, iOS and web users know this one already)
  • Save and access pictures
  • Refreshed UI
  • Saved searches
  • Text suggestions as you type in search
  • Other bug fixes

While this comes later than the competition, it is a step in the right direction. We, definitely, approve.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter 10.2 lands on Blackberry 10

        1. I have to say I do quite like the way email works on it… the functionality is basic but it still works.
          Ideally though, I’d like a decent QWERTY version of an Android phone, something that looks/feels like the Q10.

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