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Samsung announces Galaxy S4/Mini with TDD/FDD LTE Handover



If you don’t care, you can probably ignore this one! The words handover and TDD/FDD merely remind me of my university days (oh, I do have a degree in Electronics Engineering!),  but have hardly heard since. A friend of mine did actually ask me if such phones had started hitting our shores yet. Well we have word from Samsung today that they will be becoming the first ones to introduce devices capable of a seamless TDD / FDD handover on the world’s LTE networks.

So, TDD (Time Division Duplex) and FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) are basically two technologies that govern LTE, and LTE is what you and I know as 4G. In the UK, we are on FDD.

“Samsung continues to accelearate global LTE market deployment, addressing technical challenges faster than anyone else. With today’s TDD/FDD LTE seamless handover devices announcement, Samsung again demonstrates the company’s commitment to driving better, more convenient customer experiences,” said JK  Shin, co-CEO and president of the IT & Mobile division of Samsung Electronics. Shin added, “The first commercially available TDD/FDD seamless handover devices will allow customers to fully enjoy the benefits of fast mobile data communications no matter where they are.”

Our thoughts:

What does this mean for the layman? Well, if you go back a few years, phones that worked in Europe didn’t work in the far east. 3G changed all that. However, with it shifting to 4G, and far east preferring TDD instead of FDD, this means that you can get off your plane and still have a great reception. While this may be wrong, as far as I am aware, there is no country that has both working in parallel. Handy to  know, but probably hard to get your average Joe excited about this.

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