Apple charging with Bluelounge

Today we have heard that Bluelounge have released three new smart ways of charging the iPhone 5 or any Apple iPod with the new Lightning connector.

Combining the classic Bluelounge product traits of high-tech engineering and simple design, the Kii, MiniDock and Saidokā enable fast, tidy charging at home, work or on the move.

Bluelounge Kii


A light but tough connector to keep on your key ring for ultimate convenience, accessibility and mobility.


  • Ideal for frequent travellers or those who live by their laptop, Kii is as lightweight and inconspicuous as any other key on a key ring and allows users to plug into the USB port of their laptop to charge or sync devices.
  • A space-saver – no need to carry charging cables.
  • Features a self-locking cap to ensure it stays securely fastened to the key ring it’s connected to.
  • Charges Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods with latest, Lightning connector.

Available in black or white, RRP £34.95


Bluelounge Saidokā


Holds your iPhone 5 horizontally on your desk, at the same angle as your keyboard – making it easy to see and use your smartphone while charging.


  •    Uses high-tech Japanese Micro-Suction rails across the bottom to easily dock and undock iPhones with a single hand.
  •    Features a smooth rubber bumper to customise the fit, depending on whether there is a case on the phone or not.
  •    Available in black or white, RRP £39.95.


Bluelounge MiniDock



Securely hold and charge your iPhone or iPod, without any trailing cables.


  • MiniDock plugs directly into your existing Apple USB power adapter, freeing up space in your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you normally charge your devices
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal travel companion. No longer will your iPhone need to lie on a hotel room floor! (See below left.)
  •  MiniDock Lightning is available in black or white, RRP £29.95.

These smart Apple chargers are now available and can be found at a range of retailers, including Amazon.


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