Angry Birds ‘accounts’ in the works?

By Sami Mughal

So unless you have been hiding under a rock, or are completely unaware of smartphones, you must have downloaded and at least tried the marvel that is Angry Birds series. The concept is simple, use the laws of Physics to knock out some pigs, who made these birds very angry. The games come in a few formats, and are probably the most popular games available on smart phones.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely addicted to them. I have up till recently played and gone through all the levels on all the games available in the franchise, and this is where my predicament arises. I am about to move to a newer handset, and that means that I will lose all my progress. So, I thought I’d ask the lovely people and see what they have to say on Twitter:




This surely means that something magical is about to roll out from the lovely people at Rovio, which will not only allow us to back up our games, but hopefully add more to this. They have already added the ‘social’ element in their latest game Angry Bird Friends. This roll up might just be an extension.

Of course, third party software does exist to back up your game progress, but somehow they don’t seem to play with anything since Ice Cream Sandwich.

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