Rumours: New Nexus 7!

By Becca

Of course, Google are staying tightlipped but rumours are flooding the net this morning about the second-gen Nexus 7. Allegedly it will be released in July this year, just over a year since the original model was released and sold out instantly.

The Nvidia processor will be replaced by a Qualcomm Snapdragon, be thinner and have a higher screen resolution. No news yet on whether they’ll improve the camera though – for me that’s the one downfall on the tablet. Admittedly I do tend to mock those who hold up their 10″ tablets (usually iPads!) in the street to take photos but if I have a camera app on my tablet, I want to be able to use it. And obviously a rear camera would be far better than the current one.

I’ll definitely be looking to upgrade mine, especially if they keep the price the same!

While Google I/O (May 15-17) is the obvious choice for when they release this, do you think the rumours may lead to an earlier announcement?

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