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OxGadgets has been started to focus mostly on the technology that is available in UK, since we found that most websites are US based, and hence cover news that is happening in and around the US. This means that a lot of gadgets we may be excited about never cross the ocean, and/or we never see them in the UK. So, we thought, we’d like to start a news/resource/technology based website that covers things from the British point of view.

We would also like to focus on the local people and companies in and around Oxford. This would include small businesses, working from home ventures, as well as people who just love their gadgets. The kind you see posting awesome photos on Flickr/Twitter and the kinds who talk about games like no tomorrow. We want to hear from you, and we’d like to hear from you, and we’d like to promote you, if possible.

Most of all, we focus on gadgets, and would love to review any new thing that comes out in the market. If you have a product you would like us to review, do get in touch as well. You can read all the reviews we have done under the ‘Review’ tab.

We also focus on technology from an engineer’s point of view. There are a few self help articles we have written on topics related to electronics and software. We are electronics engineers by profession and that is what we are good at, and that is what we love the most. If you have any projects that you’d like to promote, or would like us to¬† help you with, also, do get in touch.

What we’d love to hear about is people who use technology that goes unnoticed. The musicians. The people who are in charge of lighting and sound at theatres. The awesome people who use these little and exciting gadgets to go on about their daily lives. The doctors, the nurses, the teachers, the drivers, the police, the forces, the delivery people. All of you, you all use amazing gadgets, and we’d love to hear from you!

In the past, we have taken some contributions, but due to the changing nature of the website, we’ll be a lot more strict about the content we publish. If you would like to contribute an article, we’d love to hear from you, but we are not a simple text exchange website, and we would not be interested in articles that do not focus on technology or such like.

Email us at We’d love to hear from you.

(PS, everything here will be our new About/Contact page)

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