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Make more money from your blog using Adsense

If you use Adsense on your blog, you most probably do not agree with the kind of ads it puts up on your blog/website. If that is a problem, Adsense does give you an option to pick and choose between the kind of ads that show on your blog.
On the Adsense dashboard, click on the ‘Allow and Block Ads’. Within that, click on the Ad Review Centre. There is a chance it may not be enabled, but just clicking on the option enables it to you.
Once enabled, you should see on the left a list of Blocking Options. This gives you the options to block out various categories.
The most useful among this I found was ‘Sensitive Categories’. Clicking on this you will find the ability to block ads such as Dating websites, Pills, Get Rich quick schemes, and other such stuff you may normally class as spam. I have ended up blocking them all.
There are the General Categories which let you allow fine tune your ads.
There are the Ad Networks, which means if you know of particular ad networks that you do not approve, you can block them too.
In Advanced Settings you can allow ads to be based on visitors’ site visits, 3rd party preferences, as well as social media integration.
There are other settings, which means it allows you to review ads before they are shown etc, but I reckon unless you have loads of time, you won’t be able to go through them.
There is more help available of course, from Adsense, here: http://support.google.com/adsense/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&ctx=widg&answer=82503.
Give this a go, and tell me if your ads, and the resulting revenue increases.

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