Mystery of the failing Rail Magnetic Strips

By Sami Mughal I am one of those people who use the train to get into work every day. For financial ease, I have ended up buying a monthly season ticket, and I was surprised at the amazing number of failures I was getting with these season tickets. The railway companies are pretty good about … Read more

The perils of liquid damage, and the solution…

Gone are the days of Filofaxes, diaries, and memorizing numbers. Unless you avoid mobiles, or make an extreme effort to stay away from it all, you carry around with you in your pocket or handbag a wealth of data. Contacts, numbers, appointments, emails and sometimes even vital information like bank details and such like. Then … Read more

Online filtering, the sneaky enemy…

The internet is wonderful. There is no question about that. However, thanks to a random comment on my blog contact page, I have come across this link: I would recommend a view, and a read of the comments underneath as well if possible. It comes with subtitles and everything, so hopefully it should not … Read more

Pakistani food in UK: Eating out

By Sami Mughal I have lived in Oxford for a little over two years now, and lived in the UK for about 6 years now. In this series of articles I will try to explain to my readers in Pakistan what life is like in the UK, and of course in the lovely city of … Read more

Review: Staples Liquid Pencil

By Sami Mughal So about two years ago, Sharpie announced the Liquid Pencil ( Every since that announcement, I have been waiting for it to be released in the UK. Two years go by, and still nothing. However, the other day, browsing through Staples (in the UK), I came across the Staples Liquid Pencil. Compared … Read more