Connectify – Turn your Win7 laptop into a wifi hot spot!

I write about this because this was something I was looking for, and found that the internet did not have many answers.

Having just bought a new phone, I found it a bit weird that I could not use internet from my PC on the device when connected via USB. It is an Android system, and well, it does not support that feature. Neither does the iPhone. Funnily enough, Windows Mobile has had this feature since the days of 5.x. I assume they have still retained it, and all you had to do to get free internet on your phone was to connect it to your computer (internet – enabled of course) and there you had it. In fact, while Windows Mobile has never really been appreciated properly, it did have a lot of nifty little features that allowed it to do a lot more than others are yet to offer.

Anyway, I digress. Connectify! It has the answer to that problem. You download it for free (, run it, and using your Windows 7 (sorry, not yet available on Vista or XP) wifi, you can set up your very own Wifi, connect as many devices as you like, and obviously access internet and other Wifi server based abilities. It is even secured over WPA2 so you are not just exposing yourself to attacks!

But yeah, I found this such a great app, that I just had to share it with everyone.

PS. Office 2007 seems to think ‘iPhone’ is a spelling error. HA !!!


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