Using Wix to sell your art

We recently looked at Wix, and how easy it was to use it as a simple and easy website builder. In that article, we explored how it was easy to go from scratch and end up with a relatively clean looking website.

In this article, we will focus on how you can use Wix to sell your digital art, both for digital use, as well as via prints.

Log into Wix and go to your website’s settings

For the purpose of this article, we will carry on from where we left off in the last article.

So, start off by logging into your Wix and then go to your website’s settings.

As you can see, the Wix Art Store is already present as an option on the bottom row.

If you can’t find it, make sure you are using the new Editor for your website.

You can also find the Wix Art Store by clicking the link.

Configure your Art Store

By clicking on the ‘Wix Art Store’ button, you’ll be taken to a page that lets you configure your art store.

You start off by adding your business name, your logo, email and your location.

For the purpose of my store, I changed the currency to GBP.

All of this is very important to ensure you can start.

Other things you can configure is also how you will accept payments. Wix offers you two options:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit Card

The second option uses services such as Square to accept payments.

All of these come with a bit of fee to pay.

Add the store to your website

From there, you can go and add the store to your website.

To do so, go to the Edit website tag.

From here, you can add the Store to any page.

This can be your homepage or a new page.

For my website, I chose to make a new page to keep things clean.

You can do this by using the Pages Menu.

Alternatively, you can ignore this step.

You can add the store by any means. You can press the ‘ADD’ button which lets you add things freestyle, or go straight to the Wix App Market button below it.

Since the Add button was easier, I went with that.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the Wix Art Store button.

If you choose the Add Wix Apps button, simply search for the Wix Art Store and add it.

It is a free add-on from Wix.

Hit the Add to Site button.

Configure your art store with your own media

When you add it to your website, it pre-populates your store with some images. Remember that you need a license to sell an image, so you clearly can’t sell those ones.

So you’ll need to add your own media.

Hit Manage Media to do so.

This will open another menu that will let you manage to add media.

You can add images, text or videos. There are upload limits, etc, but they are all reasonable.

In the next menu, you can upload your images.

I chose a couple of images of my cats.

Hit Apply and now you see your own store.

You can also configure the text as needed.

This will add your store now to your page, with your own media.

Configure Settings

You have the media, but you haven’t set prices or decided what you are really selling. All of this needs to be selected.

As you can see, there is also text there called WaterMark. This is to ensure nobody can steal your images. Of course, you can go and change that. To do this, go to Settings.

The first step is to select your pricing, as well as set up payment methods.

This is done through the menu below.

While Digital items are sold directly from Wix, if you choose to sell prints, it is handled by a third party. Explore the options available to see if you are comfortable with it or not. Prints include regular prints, and your usual stuff such as mugs, phone cases, etc.

To configure the Watermark, go to settings tab.

Hit Customise will let you use an image. We chose to use an OxGadgets image for our images.

If you’re happy with everything, hit Publish!

What can you sell?

It is important to know what you are able to sell.

If you are only selling digital copies, your options and prices can be configured by the following menu:

If you are willing to sell prints too, your options increase:

As you can see, based on the price you set, you can get a certain amount of profit. If you click on the arrows on the right, you can edit these options. Of course, with physical items, there will be certain lower limits you can go to just to cover the costs.

Wix – What are the costs?

Now that we have looked at the ease of use, it is important to look at what the options are in terms of cost.

If you don’t need your own domain and you are okay with WIX telling the whole world that you used them to build your website, then it is free. That is the option we chose. Just to see what it looks like, you can check out our website. The store can be found on the Store page.

Of course, you probably want to look professional to the world. This includes having your own domain, your own page, and no links to a third party claiming they were used to create your content.

Wix offers paid plans, which come with the following:

  • Free setup
  • Free hosting
  • Free domain
  • Free support.

Subscription rates are the following in the UK, and equivalent around the world:



In this article, we have explored how easy it is to set up your own Art Store using Wix. We found the whole process pretty simple and intuitive, and it probably took around 20 minutes to complete the whole setup. All you need is your media, something to watermark, and a way to accept payments.

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3 thoughts on “Using Wix to sell your art

  1. This is really misleading. You can set up a page, you can set up a store, but you CANNOT sell without upgrading. If you have a friend go to your site (which is next to impossible to find, despite what wix says) when they get to the checkout it will tell them that payments cannot be accepted. You have to upgrade or else 1) your site is virtually invisible to search engines and 2) you have to pay to play. Period. This is a real bummer to find out AFTER you’ve set up your site. Wix is smoke and mirrors unless you pay, and I have lost confidence based on my experience so there’s no way I’m going to pay in the hope that there aren’t more layers of payment required in order to get a functioning site. Moving along to find a site I can use. NOT Wix.

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