Some Christmas gift ideas from Sony!

Nothing could work better for tech fiends than James Bond’s phone… the iconic Sony Xperia Z5 (£549) is as stylish and sleek as you’d expect, with a camera that is unrivaled in the smartphone industry. Made for Bond, it has a frosted glass back, embedded fingerprint sensor and its star feature, a 23 Megapixel camera. A smaller version (the Xperia Z5 Compact – £429) … Read more

Review: 1byOne 9900mAh 12V Multi-Function Power Bank Car Jump Starter

We live in a world of battery packs. With a constant fear of our phones running out of battery, we carry them around. However, it is not the first time batteries running out has caused us sorrow in the history of humanity. We have looked for batteries for many reasons in our history as humans: Light … Read more

Reallusion Unveils iClose Game Character Design Platform

Game Character Design Platfom is the first Lip-Sync Ready 3D Character solution in the market. This platform takes the 3D character creation process into another generation where the long and arduous 3D character design is no longer necessary. Designing a high quality, playable character is a long and difficult process which involves a massive amount of … Read more

Review: Cooler Master Xornet II – Optical Gaming Mouse for Claw Grip

Gaming mice are available in hundreds and thousands. They all promise great DPI and great response times, but at the heart of every gaming mouse is a simple thing and a simple question. How comfortable is it? Is it a device that you can use for hours and hours on end, without getting RSI (Repetitive … Read more

3 Steps for a Smarter (not Harder) Home

The Internet of things (IoT) and smart homes are almost a reality. Every week it seems like a new smart device is being made and the prices of existing devices are falling. But in terms of making everything work together, it can feel like the wild west out there. Some companies have open APIs (application … Read more

Keep your phone safe this festive season and avoid waking up next to a sad cracked phone screen

It’s ‘Mad Friday’ next week, the last Friday before Christmas and most popular for office parties. It’s been revealed that 27% of lumbering UK revellers aged 18-40 have damaged their phone on a night out. In the survey of 2,000 British adults, conducted by Griffin Technology, Newcastle topped the list of clumsy cities, while London … Read more

The technology behind e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are a ‘clean’ way for people to consume nicotine, the stimulant that provides a brief, temporary high. Unless you’re up close to one it’s hard to tell an e-cigarette apart from a tobacco one – manufacturers deliberately design e-cigarettes to closely resemble traditional cigarettes to appeal to smokers. The major, obvious … Read more