Programming, for writers

Us programmers often say that we write code. Code is also expressed in terms of number of lines written. However, it was when I was talking to a writer friend of mine the other day that I had the chance to explore the many parallels between writing and programming. Here are a few of the … Read more

Waterproof? Water Resistant!

In a recent post I introduced you to an upcoming technology that helps prevent your electronic devices from getting damaged from accidental liquid damage. The process involves coating the internals as well as externals of the device with a molecular level protective layer, using nanotechnology, which means that the water does not damage the phone, camera, … Read more

Recipe: My very own Minty Chicken Roast

I don’t normally do this. But I invented sort of a recipe yesterday, and thought I’d share it with the world, and put it up here, mainly for my own records as well. Ingredients: Mint –  Fresh, handful Coriander – Fresh, handful Pomegranate seeds – 1 tea spoon Tamarind Paste – 1 tea spoon Lemon … Read more