Eldrad must live!

BBC4 showed ‘Doctor Who: The hand of fear’ in memory of Elizabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane Smith from the famous BBC show. This 1976 episode of Doctor Who features a silicon based life form called Eldrad. Following is a picture:Now, behold a picture of Old Gregg from the Mighty Boosh:Don’t they look the same? Just 30 … Read more

Oxford University Pakistan Society hosted Prof Anwar Masood

Sometime back OU Pakistan Society hosted famous poet Professor Anwar Masood. Browsing their website today (http://www.oupaksoc.org/) I found a link to the video of the event: Poet Anwar Masood at Oxford, 2011 Other videos of events can be found at their website as well. I was actually looking for George Fulton’s talk, which I am … Read more