OxGadgets was originally started to focus on our love for technology, gadgets and the beautiful city called Oxford. Over the last few years, we have talked news, reviews, and the occasional tidbit about Oxford. While the big companies have always made news, we have tried to focus on startups, the crowd funded projects, and just what has caught our fancy. Starting this year, we hope to add another feather to our cap, as we start to focus on lifestyle products as well. We have already been covering male grooming products, but we would like to take it one step further, and basically talk about it all, everything that excites us.

The change also brings in some other changes. We will try to focus on what really excites us, and not just the news everyone already knows about. There will be essays, and more blog like posts, to focus on opinions and thoughts, the kind of stuff we think that really matters, and the stuff you would be here to read.

So give us a shout if you have any questions, thoughts, or can just think of anything that would interest us. As we are and have always been experimental, we wouldn’t mind you talking about anything at all. The only thing that stops us is time.

Would you like to know more, or suggest we cover something? Get in touch via the Contact page.

At times we will publish sponsored posts. These help us to keep this website running. We will try our very best to make sure that the content is represented in an accurate and unbiased manner. 

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