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BOOMSTER GO – a speaker that sticks around by Teufel


With the new Boomster Go the sound expert from Berlin defies the cold temperatures. Although the deep winter is approaching, they are launching a new mobile speaker designed primarily for the garden barbecue party. The Boomster Go can convince, at least on paper, with portability and robustness. 

The right sound in every situation

No matter whether “while hiking, on the bike or in the circumnavigation of Mars” – according to Teufel, the Boomster Go should always provide the optimum sound. As the name Boomster “Go” suggests, the small speaker is designed for outdoor use. 

Small dimensions for portability

The Boomster Go should fit in pretty much any backpack. This is made possible by the small dimensions of 10.2 x 10.7 x 4.6 cm. In combination with the weight of just 355 g of the compact speaker should cause no back pain.

Enduring companion

Although the Boomster is so small in size, Teufel managed to use a battery that would allow up to 10 hours of music enjoyment. Only a practical test will show whether this promise can actually be met. Thanks to the pre-installed thread, GoPros and others can be mounted on the Boomster Go. Alternatively, this thread can of course also be used to install the speaker wherever GoPros are based. This makes it possible to attach the Boomster Go to the bicycle handlebar, for example – very practical! 


Should the Boomster Go lose its grip and fall to the ground, according to the manufacturer, this should not be a problem. Thanks to a solid rubberized housing crashes and bumps do no damage. Also, liquids are no problem, thanks to an IPX7 certification, even heavy downpours are put away. In contrast to the competition such as the JBL Flip 5, a complete immersion in the water is not advisable.

Reliable technology

Even audiophile personalities should enjoy the Boomster Go. Teufel gives the small noisemaker a powerful full-range driver. In addition, there are two passive bass drivers. The result should be at a high level without distortion. It remains to be seen if Teufel can remain true to its beloved neutral sound even with the little Boomster Go. The most-used source of the small speaker will probably be smartphones. These can be easily connected via Bluetooth. Several Boomster Gos can be paired to provide a clear stereo sound.


Although the Boomster Go usually comes along with the basic tenor “black”, the audio expert in the  Boomster Go shows joy to color. Buyers can choose between the colors black, orange, blue, green and white. For a price of about 100 euros, you can already secure the Boomster Go for the next barbecue season or your own four walls.

Price and availability

The BOOMSTER GO is available immediately at the price of 89.99 pounds at www.teufelaudio.com and in all Teufel stores.


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