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The Rise of Mobile Gaming Apps


In the early years of the second phase, players accessed their favourite casino games on their mobile devices from native browsers or J2ME applications. However, in more times, mobile gaming apps emerged and these only required you to download and install the app on a one-time basis. Thereafter all you have to do is log in and play. The entire concept is simple and aims to increase the quality of the overall user experience. As such, it also saves you from ‘expensive’ data purchases, especially when considering that accessing games via a mobile browser requires an active packet internet connection throughout a gaming session.

To give you a better idea of the popularity of the entire concept, we look at the factors that necessitated the rise of mobile gaming apps below.

Need for an Affordable Alternative

When the mobile revolution started taking shape around 2008, many gamers were all consumed with the fact that they could now play casino games using their mobile devices. However, after some time, the frenzy began to slow down as gamers realised that it was very expensive to join new casino sites over the internet. As such, there was a need for an affordable alternative, which was provided for by the emergence of these apps.

Changing Technology

While there are some pull factors, which pulled gamers to mobile casino apps, there are also some factors that ultimately ‘forced’ gamers to mobile gaming apps. One of these factors pertains to the changing technology. As game developers realised that many gamers were complaining about how expensive it is to play games on the internet, they altogether stopped creating games that are accessible via the internet and resorted to creating mobile gaming apps only. As such, gamers (even those that had no problem accessing their games via the internet) were forced to switch to mobile gaming apps leading to the further increase of the use of mobile gaming apps.

Console Gaming Stagnation

It’s difficult to say whether mobile gaming apps led to the decline of console gaming or that the emergence of mobile gaming apps coincided with the decline in console gaming. Regardless, what’s clear is that mobile gaming apps really did capitalise on the stagnation of console gaming. One of the chief factors which enabled mobile gaming apps to capitalise on console gaming is down to affordability. Console gaming is one of the most expensive forms of gaming as players have to purchase highly expensive tools before they start their gaming adventure. However, when it comes to mobile gaming apps, gamers need not purchase any other tool apart from downloading and installing the gaming app. Furthermore, there is no need for purchasing patches as and when they are released as is the case with console gaming. Using mobile gaming apps, all that players have to do is to simply update their gaming app to incorporate new changes.


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